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A burette system also burette may be a graduated glass tube with a tap at one, for delivering known volumes of a liquid, particularly in titrations. it is an extended, graduated glass tube, with a stopcock at its lower end and a tapered capillary tube at the stopcocks outlet. The flow of liquid from the tube to the burette system tip is controlled by the stopcock valve. There are 2 main varieties of burette system : the volumetrical burette system and also the Piston burette system or Digital burette. Glass Burette Manufacturer, Glass Burette Suppliers, Glass Burette Exporters, Laboratory Glass Burette, Glass Burette in India, Glass Burette, Glass Burette Exporter in India, Burette Suppliers in India.

Atomizer Bulb

Product Code : JL-GB-10082

An atomizer is used to dispense something in small

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Automatic Burette in Schellbach Stripe

Product Code : JL-GB-10085

Schellbach stripe for accurate menscus reading

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Bottles For Automatic Burette

Product Code : JL-GB-10090

Material : Borosilicate Glass

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Bottles Automatic Burette

Product Code : JL-GB-10092

Material : Borosilicate Glass

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Product Code : JL-GB-10095

The pH range of 1-14 is ideal and can be used up to 5% wt/wt of acids or 30 % bases.

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Burette Brush

Product Code : JL-GB-10096

Material : Nylon

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Burette Clamp Aluminium

Product Code : JL-GB-10099

Made of Aluminium Die casted Blue painted

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Burette Class-B with PTFE Key Stopcock

Product Code : JL-GB-10104

These Burettes are suitable for use in schools and institutional laboratories not requiring the accuracy of CLASS-A

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Burettes Class B

Product Code : JL-GB-10141

PTFE Needle valve stopcock

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Burettes with Schellbach stripe

Product Code : JL-GB-10152

With Individual work Certificate Schellbach stripe for accurate menscus reading

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Burettes with Detachable Stopcock

Product Code : JL-GB-10157

Material: Borosilicate Glass Printed in blue color

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Burettes with detachable Stopcocks Schellbach Stripe

Product Code : JL-GB-10160

Schellbach stripe for accurate menscus reading Material : Borosilicate Glass

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