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Glass Pipette Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter in India

Pipettes are ordinarily utilized in laboratories to move a measured volume of liquid, usually as a media dispenser. Pipettes are available in many styles for numerous functions with differing levels of accuracy and exactitude, from glass and polythene pipettes to a lot of complicated adjustable or electronic pipettes. The Lab Glassware Multi-Channel Pipettes still as serologic and Transfer Pipettes.Measurement exactitude varies greatly betting on the design of laboratory pipette getting used. Glass Pipette Manufacturer, Glass Pipette Suppliers, Glass Pipette Exporter, Glass Pipette in India, Glass Pipette, Glass Pipette Exporter In India, Glass Pipette Manufacturer in India, Glass Pipette Suppliers in India.

Graduated Pipette Serological

Product Code : JL-GP-10247

Comes with individual work certificate

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Graduated Pipette Serological Unserialized

Product Code : JL-GP-10248

Printed in amber color enamel

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Graduated Pipettes Mohr Serialized

Product Code : JL-GP-10250

These Pipet tes are manufactured which are calibrated to deliver as per ASTM E 1293

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