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Test tubes are hand held tubes used for compounding or heating chemicals in a laboratory. A test tube also known as a culture tube or sample tube, may be a common piece of laboratory glassware consisting of a finger-like length of glass or clear plastic tubing, open at the top and closed at the bottom. Lab Glassware is the leading in Test Tube Manufacturer, Test Tube Suppliers, Test Tube in India, Test Tube Exporter, Test Tube, Glass Test Tube, Laboratory Test Tubes, Borosilicate test tubes.

Test Tube Brush

Product Code : JL-TT-10130

Material:- Nylon A test tube brush or spout brush is a brush used

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Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom

Product Code : JL-TT-10132

Capacity:- 5ml 10ml

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Centrifuge Tubes Box

Product Code : JL-TT-10133

Capacity:- 30ml

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Centrifuge Tubes Round Bottom

Product Code : JL-TT-10139

Capacity:- 12ml

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Test Tubes Closure Cap

Product Code : JL-TT-10140

Size for Tube:- 12mm 15mm

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Float Rack

Product Code : JL-TT-10143

16 MCTS of 1.5 ml.

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Distilling Receiver

Product Code : JL-TT-10144

Distilling Receiver Graduated With Hooks.

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Product Code : JL-TT-10147

Capacity:- Rack for 64 MCTs of 1.5 ml.

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Microcentrifuge Tube

Product Code : JL-TT-10148

Capacity:- 0.5ml

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Flat Bottom Test Tube

Product Code : JL-TT-10151

O.D. x Length 12 x 75mm

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Test Tube with Joint and Stopper

Product Code : JL-TT-10153

Height x O.D. 100 x 12mm

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Test Tube With Interchangeable Stopper

Product Code : JL-TT-10154

Height x O.D. 100 x 12mm

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Test Tube Stand Wire Pattern

Product Code : JL-TT-10156

Size:- 13 mm. x 90 Tubes

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Test Tube Stand Round

Product Code : JL-TT-10159

Size:- 19 mm. & 25 mm. Tubes

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Test Tube Stand 3 Tier PP

Product Code : JL-TT-10161

Size:- 13 mm x 31 Tubes 16 mm x 31 Tubes

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