Education Microscopes are manufactured using best quality achromatic objectives, high point eyepieces and with coaxial focusing. The optical system is antifungal treated. Microscope field is illuminated with halogen lamp or optionally can be upgraded to LED (with battery backup).

Viewing Head: Monocular, Binocular & Trinocular Head
Nosepiece: Quadruple/Quintuple with multiple ball-bearing, rubber/metal grip & click stop
Body: Rugged, single die cast, ergonomic design, touch point treated
Illumination: Halogen or LED with Battery backup, illumination mirror
Optical system: Achromatic optical system, colour corrected, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial coated (multi-layered hard coated)
Mechanical Stage: Right/left hand control, hard coated surface, double layer, single/double slide holder, low position coaxial movement
Condenser: Abbe with iris diaphragm & filter slot brightfiled, darkfiled, phase.
Focusing: Coaxial (low position), both side, coarse & fine with tension control & upper limit stopper
Eyepiece: Extra wide field with diopter adjustment
Objectives: DIN Semi Plan/plan finite/infinite achromatic

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Advanced Educational Biological Microscope

SKU: SL-64