Assemble Kids Microscope Science kit with Slides Educational Beginner Microscopes Kit with LED 100X 400X and 1200X Magnification for Kids Students (Microscope).
3 different magnification: 100x 400x 1200x magnification range with two eyepieces.
High-grade glass optics for sharp, clear image.
A great, easy-to-use microscope for kids and young adults.
Transmitted and reflected lighting for translucent and opaque objects.

Includes blanks slides and tools for preparing your own specimens Microscope operating instructions: 
Lift the nose piece as much as possible with the upper wheel.
Put the prepared slide with a specimen under the two clips on the stage.
Point the light up and turn it on. 
Focus images by the upper knobs.
Open the battery compartment door at the bottom by unscrewing the locking screw.
Put two AA batteries as directed in the compartment.
Put on the locking screw.
Change light intensity with the lower knobs.
Carefully change magnification powers, especially from the smallest one to the largest one, lift the tube to avoid hitting the tray. 
Change eyepiece power by turning it in clock or anti-clock directions slowly.

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Assemble Kids Microscope Science kit

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