The presence of co-axial coarse as well as fine focusing adjustment knobs also provides for fine motion that can be graduated to .002 mm. 
Binocular Microscope offered come in 45º inclined finish with 360 degree rotatable binocular tube. 
Further, the steeple grey as well as chemical resistant back-on finish and heavy rectangular sturdy base that comes with built-in illumination through 6 V - 20 W halogen lamp also provides for easy usage.
For smooth movement, it also features presence of dust proof quadruple/quintuple ball bearing for meeting the revolving needs of nose piece with positive click stops. 

Exclusive preset focus lock prevents damage to valuable slides and objectives.
Heavy rectangular sturdy base, with built-in illumination 6 V - 20 W halogen lamp.
45º inclined with 360 degree rotatable binocular tube.
Mechanical Tube Length 160 mm.
Dust proof quadruple/quintuple ball bearing revolving nose piece with positive click stops.
Steeple Grey, chemical resistant, back-on finish.
Co-axial built in Mechanical stage with fine vernier graduation, designed with convenient coaxial adjustment for Jerk free smooth slide manipulation through 50 X 75 mm.
Co-axial coarse & fine focusing adjustment knobs. Fine motion, graduated to .002 mm.

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Binocular Microscope

SKU: SL-75