The adjustable interpupillary distance ranges from 51mm to 75mm. The 2x and 4x objectives are parfocaled and parcentered, providing 20x, 30X, 40x and 60x magnifications.
The rechargeable battery enhances flexibility, adding a cordless feature, which guarantees easy transport and increased mobility.
This 45° inclined, binocular stereo microscope with diopter adjustment on one ocular tube, promises top viewing comfort.  
A dual illumination switch allows for three light setting options: top, bottom, or both. The LED illumination guarantees a clear and crisp, cool-to-touch white light, which lasts 60x longer than traditional tungsten bulbs.


45° inclined binocular head.
Power: 110V rechargeable battery.
Magnification: 20x, 30X, 40x and 60x.
Focusing: Rack and pinion focusing with safety stop and tension adjustment.
Eyepiece: 10x WF, 15x WF, diopter adjustment in one ocular table.
Working distance: (2X/4X) 45mm.
Stage: Frosted glass plate and reversible black & white stage plate (w/ pair of stage clips)
(Both 95mm in diameter).
Objectives: 2x, 4x.

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Binocular Stereo Microscope Frosted Glass Plate

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