Eyepieces: Includes widefield 10x / 20mm high eyepoint eyepieces. Interpupillary adjustment from 50mm to 75mm. Dual diopters on eyetubes. Eyepieces accept 24mm diameter reticle. 15x and 20x eyepieces are available.
Head: Binocular or trinocular body. Viewing head rotates 360°, locks in place by tightening set screw. Digital option includes 0.5x c-mount adapter and 5mp microscope digital camera and software.
Stand: Track stand with ergonomic, low-profile base. Track height is 325mm.
Total Magnification: 7x -45x. For alternate magnifications eyepieces can be changed and auxiliary lens added to stereo microscope. 
Specimen Stage: Supplied with 95mm black and white stage plate.
Working Distance: 100mm.
Illumination: LED polarizing ring light to reduce glare. 120 LED lights provide cool, bright illumination. Light intensity rheostat control 0-100%. Rotatable analyzer 360º, polarizer drops into slot and is removable. 100~240V.
Digital Option: If the digital option is selected the microscope system includes a trinocular head, 0.5x c-mount adapter and USB 5mp camera with software. Software can be used to capture and save images or make measurements (PC only).
Focusing: Coarse focusing. Focus knob is tightness adjustable.
Size & Weight: 12.6" x 12", x 13.4" H, 12 lbs.
Objective Lenses: Zoom range of 0.7x - 4.5x. 
Zoom Ratio: 6.4:1

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