Study the simple harmonic oscillation in its characteristic of the spring oscillator; measure its oscillation period and calculate the coefficient of stiffness of the spring by means of theoretical equation and then make comparison between the measuring results carried out in two different methods.
Learn the characteristic and method of application of the integrated Hall switch, and then with which to accurately measure the oscillation period of the spring oscillator.
Verification of the Hooke law, measurement of spring coefficient of stiffness and observation of linear diameter of the spring and its influence on the coefficient of stiffness.

Critical distance of the integrated Hall sensor:
mall magnet steel is 12mm in diameter and 2mm thick;
Full-scale range of Joly balance: 0-551mm reading, accuracy is 0.02mm;
Set of weights: 500mg, 10 pieces; About 20g, one piece; About 50g, one piece
Counting and timing device is possessed of memory function with 1ms of reading accuracy.

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Experimental Instrument of Joly Balance

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