Ideally suited for coins, stamps, bank notes, circuit boards, insects, plants, gems and skin samples for industrial use, for all hobby scientists, children and students. 
The digital WLAN hand-held microscope is designed for rapid and simple surface observations. 
It has been specially developed for direct connection to your WLAN-enabled smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android. During the live transfer to your smartphone or tablet you can take photos and videos of the sample you are investigating, and these can also be stored on your device. For larger videos you can also insert a mini SD card directly into the microscope. 
Features an integrated rechargeable battery pack, a flexible column which is easy to adjust and which has a swan neck so that you can achieve the ideal height setting, as well as a mains adapter.
The six LEDs fitted in the ring shape ensure strong and effective illumination of your sample. Use the adjustment wheel on the microscope to control the illumination setting. 

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Handheld WiFi Microscope

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