Eyepieces: Includes 10x eyepieces, FN23 with 25mm reticle installed. Binocular head, eyetubes are inclined 35° and head rotates 360°.
Focusing: Rack and pinion focusing controls, 120mm focusing stroke.
HD Camera & Monitor: 1920x1080 HDMI 60fps, image capture 2mp to SD card or to PC using included software. USB connection to computer. Make measurements on computer using software or directly on included 12" HD monitor.
Stereo Microscope Body: Zoom ratio of 1:6.7. Greenough system designed for harsh environments of production and testing. Body has detent for duplicating exact measurements at different magnification settings. Trinocular beam splitter sends light to the right eyetube and the camera port.
Total Magnification Range options: 7.5 - 50x. 
Illumination: Your choice of LED ring light or LED dual pipe light. 
Stand: Track stand includes two stage clips. Stand is ergonomic, with low-profile base. Includes black/white stage plate.
Working Distance: 113mm
Reticle: Measuring reticle comes installed in eyepiece. Your choice of 10mm / 100 division reticle or 0.4" / 100 division reticle.

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HD Digital Visual Measurement Microscope

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