Measuring Stage: 150mm x 150mm stage provides 50mm X-Y travel. Includes glass stage plate.
Field of View: 0.46"x0.34" - 0.07" x 0.059"
Stand: Post stand with 76mm coarse focusing holder.
Illumination: LED 4 Quadrant control ring light.
Zoom Lens: 0.41x-2.6x provides onscreen magnification of 34.73x - 220.22x.
Camera: High Definition HD microscopy camera provides 1080p HDMI output with 60 fps at 1920x1080. 2.8x2.8µm pixels. 2mp image capture to SD card. USB capture control for Windows. Sensor is 1/2.8" CMOS sensor. Included software can be used on a PC to capture images and make measurements.
Digimatic Indicators: Includes X and Y Digimatic Indicators with 50mm travel. Micrometer heads switch between mm / inches. Range 2" (50mm). Resolution .0005"/0.001mm.

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HD Digital Zoom Measuring Microscope System