The hydraulic troubleshooting comprehensive training system is also equipped with intelligent man-machine operation assessment system, teachers can set the fault through the host computer or intelligent man-machine operating system, Students view the phenomenon of failure, analyze specific circuits, and finally do troubleshooting through the intelligent man-machine exchange system. 
The training object of the hydraulic troubleshooting comprehensive trainer is injection molding machine hydraulic system which is commonly used in typical industrial field. 
Students can grasp the hydraulic system debugging, common hydraulic system fault handling and exclusion. 
The hydraulic troubleshooting comprehensive trainer is suitable for mechanical and electrical professional hydraulic drive, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission and other courses of practical training in vocational schools and technical collges.
It trains students understand the working principle and basic concepts of hydraulic transmission, the composition of components and applications, the composition of the hydraulic system of injection molding machines. 

Technical Parameters
Dual motor:
rated power 1.5kW, speed 1420r / min, insulation B
System rated pressure 7Mpa, rated flow 16L / min
Test bench size: 1900 (length) × 720 (width) × 1800 (high)
Operator Station Vertical Face Mesh Work Plate Size: 1200 (L) x 660 (W) x 33 (H)
Power: three-phase four-wire ~ 380 ± 10% 50Hz
The middle of the platform is equipped with oil pan and oil pan size: 1200 (length) x 620 (width) x 33 (high)
Tank: Size 650 (L) X600 (W) X200 (H)

Training projects
1. Theoretical parts

Introduction to electrical control principle;
the basic knowledge of hydraulic system failure;
the basic content of hydraulic fault diagnosis;
failure modes of hydraulic components and systems;
hydraulic fault diagnosis method;
failure classification of hydraulic systems;
automatic detection and sensor technology;
PLC control technology.
the prevention of hydraulic system failure.

2. Practical parts
pressure valve fault diagnosis and elimination methods;
hydraulic components mismatch fault diagnosis and troubleshooting methods;
causes and elimination of hydraulic noise;
reversing valve fault diagnosis and elimination methods;
system design failure assessment and elimination methods;
hydraulic pressure control fault diagnosis and elimination methods;
electrical limit position adjustment method;
the diagnosis and elimination of hydraulic pump failure;
hydraulic pipe training.
system leak (internal leakage, leakage) of the diagnosis and elimination methods;
hydraulic components wear fault diagnosis and elimination methods;
electrical line fault analysis and troubleshooting;
speed control valve fault diagnosis and elimination methods.

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