Stage: 145mm x 140mm built-in double layer mechanical stage. smooth X/Y calibrated movement with cross travel range 7.6cm x 5.2cm. Two slides holder.
Illumination: N.A. 1.25 Abbe condensers which height is controlled by a rack and pinion gear system that allows the condenser focus to be adjusted for proper illumination of the specimen.
Nosepiece: Revolving reversed quadruple objective nosepiece accepts four objectives which are color-coded, parcentered and parfocaled. The nosepiece runs on ball bearings and has internal click stops so that the image remains centered after each change in magnification.
Focusing System: Low position coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs on both sides.
Coarse movement stroke of 26mm. Fine focus graduation of 2µm. Focusing range 19mm. Tension adjustment eliminates focus drift
The rectangular shape and cast aluminum stand features minimum vibrations and provides a strong and stable operation. The frame and handle make this microscope easy to be carried and moved in any work setting.  
Viewing Head:  Binocular head which will not change the length in the eyepiece tubes when interpupillary distance adjustments are made. 30° inclined and 360° rotatable. Adjustable aperture  iris diaphragm incorporated into the condenser, which is important in securing correct illumination, contrast, and depth of field;  a graduated scale indicates the approximate adjustment (size) of the aperture diaphragm corresponding to respective objectives. 3W LED with light intensity control provide cool, bright, and even illumination.
Antifungal treatment prevents fungal growth.
Other Characters: Original integrated stand, rectangular shape and cast aluminum frame for minimum vibrations, maximum stability and  durability. Carrying handle integrated in the back of the stand for easy carrying. Arm and base made of one piece construction. 
Interpupillary adjustment of 50mm-75mm.
Eyepiece: Wide field (WF)10x/20mm. Diopter adjustable on left eyepiece tube. Optional reticule eyepiece available for measurement purposes: 0.1mm Scales available (not included)

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Infinity Corrected Binocular Microscope

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