A Latest Binocular Inverted Metallurgical Microscope equipped with vertical illuminator having centring provision, field and aperture, diaphragm and slot for dropping filters, built-in base, variable solid state transformer, large sturdy stage with co-axial arrangement for x-y axis movements, coarse and fine graduated focussing knobs. Supplied with two coloured filters in metal mount, Rexine cover, wooden base stand with drawer and following optical combination.

Eyepiece: High point wide-field WF 10X with FOV 22/25mm
Mechanical Stage: Fixed stage with 3point support, attachable mechanical stage, X-Y coaxial control, moving range 120×78mm double layer mechanical stage 150×300mm, moving range 50×50mm
Observation Method: Optical system, colour and spherical aberration corrected
Illumination: 50W koehler illumination/LED
Viewing Heads: Ergonomic sidentop binocular/trinocular head, inclination 45° rotatable 360° with IPD 48-75mm, upper & lower position, diopter adjustable
Magnification: 50x-1000x
Nosepiece: Reversed quintuple/quadruple nosepiece
Observation: Bright field, darkfield & polarizing
Filters: Blue, Green, built-in slots for analyzer & polarizer
Objectives: LWD infinity plan/semi APO chromatic
Focusing: Coaxial, tension control & upper limit stopper high sensitivity focus drive with 0.01mm per revolution

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Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

SKU: SL-53