Objective : 2x achromatic.
Illumination : Sub-stage lamp emits transmitted light form a bottom source equipped with collimated green filter halogen light. Oblique illumination through LED ring.
Stage :  300mm X 200mm thread less stage having built-in liner scales, least count 0.001mm, to provide accurate and smooth X-Y table travel 100x 50mm. Glass plate size 200 X 100mm.
Eyepiece : WF 15x with cross reticle
Base : Large and heavy base provides extra overall rigidity to the instrument.
Magnification: 30x standard.
Excellent for Precise Measurements of Angles, Lengths, Diameters, and point to point distances on the specimen.

Observation Tube : Monocular, inclined at 30° coupled with graduated eyepiece protractor. 
Compact design, especially engineered for all who require precision and accuracy for measuring a variety of metal, plastic, electronic parts and automotive components. 
Eyepiece Protector : Graduated in 360° with adjustable vernier reading to 6 Min. is coupled with monocular ocular tube for smooth angle measurement.

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Large Tool Makers Microscope

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