The system is composed of aluminum workbench, feeding and testing unit, manipulator, processing unit, assembly and punching unit, ASRS and DC speed regulation unit.
This system is a kind of training assessment device which can simulate industrial site workflow environment for different types of workpiece processing and testing, handling and automatic assembly stamping and classification storage, use a variety of sensors to achieve the detection and identification of the workpiece, delivery workpiece by the manipulator and handling mechanism, And ultimately complete the classification storage about the workpiece which is in place by the sorting mechanism.
The system adds dual closed-loop speed control module to drive DC motor speed regulation.
The system uses a modular control unit. The control module including double-closed-loop DC speed regulation module, servo drive and servo motor module, stepper drives and stepper motor module; The control objective including feeding and testing unit module, processing unit, handling manipulator unit, assembly stamping unit, ASRS module.

Technical Parameter
Output power:
AC 220V safety socket output DC 24V safety terminal output
Input power: three-phase, five-wire AC 380V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Capacity: < 2KVA
Total dimension: 1900×900×1220mm

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Optical Sensor Mechatronics Training Set

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