Satisfying the students grouping experiments, the instrument has features such as compact structure, fastness, steady performance, convenient operating, cheap and convenient service etc. The anode of phototube is not shined directly, so the reverse current is small.
This instrument can carry on the experiment about the rule of photoelectric effect, and calculated Planck's constant according to Einstein's equation of photoelectric effect. 

Length of Guide: 395mm;
Dark-current: ≤0.003μA;
Sensititive Component: vacuum phototube;
Color Filter: 635nm, 570nm, 540nm, 500nm, 460nm;
Light Source: 12V/30W halogen tungsten lamp;
Measuring Error: less than ±15% compared with the recognized value.
Precision of Accelerate Voltage: ≤2%;

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Planck's Constant Measuring Instrument

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