The brass cp Guide rod carrying contact block is tightened with brass screw. 
The slider is provided with phosphorous bronze brush contact. 
Science Lab Supplies leading a variety of resistance and different current carrying capacities to satisfy different needs of users. 
Made from 44 cm Or 56 cm Dia. special insulating porcelain tube wound with heavily oxidised eureka wire according to the required length, tubes are mounted on heavy aluminium feet duly powder coated with rod and brass nuts to provide more durability. 
These have double contact system and moves smoothly on the sliding rod. Total resistance and maximum current capacity is clearly marked on the slider.
Three lock type brass socket terminals with proper insulation are provided. 
One terminals being connected to the sliding contact and other two are contacted to the ends of winding enabling the instrument to be used as rheostat or potentiometer. 

Science Lab Supplies is a leading Rheostat manufacturers, suppliers and exporters that offers wide range of Rheostat at most competitive prices.


SKU: SL-260