Solar photovoltaic teaching experimental platform consists of a solar cell module modules, battery modules, solar testing systems, solar power systems and solar inverter applications (load regulation control module), solar tracking system, environmental monitoring systems, the monitoring instrumentation module, PC machine monitoring modules and other components. 
Specifically satisfy solar cell performance test and photovoltaic application teaching requirements of new energy professional at the higher education and vocational education.

Technical Parameter
Solar cell panel

Quantity: 4 pcs
Short-circuit current: (parallel connection), 0.72A (series connection)
Open-circuit voltage: 21.5V (parallel connection), (series connection)

Automatic tracking unit
Horizontal rotation angle: 360°

Elevation angle: 180°
Biaxial automatic tracking Precision: 0.5°

Minimum resolution: 0.1Lx
Measuring range: 200Lx, 2000Lx, 20KLx, 200KLx automatic gear shifting

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Solar Power Generation Experiment Platform

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