Stand: Large base boom stand with 20mm mounting post. Base is 15" x 15.5". Height of vertical post is 17.5".
Camera Mount: Includes c-mount adapter to mount camera directly to the lens system.
Focusing: Includes coarse and fine focusing.
Working Distance: 7.9mm
Magnification: When using 19" monitor on-screen magnification is 1507x. Larger monitor = more magnification, smaller = less.
Camera: 3.2 Megapixel digital color camera with 1/2" CMOS sensor. Captures images 2048x1536. Captures motion video at 45fps at 680x510, 32fps @ 1048x768, 11.5fps @ 2048x1536. Includes basic capture and measurement software.
Illumination: Single arm light guide with high intensity LED illuminator, shining through objective.
Objective Lens: Your choice of the following lens:
Plan Achromat LWD 50x Objective, NA 0.55, WD 7.9mm, resolution 0.61µm
Semi Brightfield Metallurgical 50x Objective, NA 0.80, WD 1.2mm, resolution 0.42µm.

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Video Microscope System 1500x