Eyepieces: Includes 10x eyepieces with 25mm reticle installed. Binocular head, eyetubes are inclined 35° and head rotates 360°.
Focusing: Rack and pinion focusing controls, 120mm focusing stroke.
Stereo Microscope Body : Zoom ratio of 1:6.7. Greenough system designed for harsh environments of production and testing. Body has detent for duplicating exact measurements at different magnification settings.
Total Magnification Range options: 7.5 - 50x. 
Illumination: Your choice of LED ring light or LED dual pipe light. 
Stand: Track stand includes two stage clips. Stand is ergonomic, with low-profile base. Includes black/white stage plate.
Reticle: Measuring reticle comes installed in eyepiece. Your choice of 10mm / 100 division reticle or 0.4" / 100 division reticle.

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Visual Measurement Microscope

SKU: SL-11