This distiller completes one liter of pure steam distilled water in 1 hour. It comes with a high quality plastic collection bottle, the lid and handle are made of food grade polypropylene, and the lid is removable for convenience. 
The boiling chamber and condensing coils are high grades 304 Stainless Steel. 
The water distiller is the best in its class. 
Distilling your own water can't get any easier, simply fill the boiling chamber, press the start button and walk away, the distiller will automatically shut-off at the end of the cycle.

Eliminates plastic bottles from the store, and saves you money.
High quality collection bottle for the purest water.
Stainless steel boil chamber and condensing coils.
Stainless steel boiling chamber.
Lightweight compact design, great for home and for medical use.
Easy to use, produces pure steam distilled water.

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Water Distiller

SKU: SL-201