Wind power training system uses modular structure, each devices and systems with independent functions, can be combined into a wind power generator training system.
Wind Power Generator Training System is mainly composed of wind power equipment, wind power system, the inverter and the load system, monitoring system. 

Equipment Features
The wind complementary training system adopt ARM control system, a high-performance control type, can full-intelligent control the battery charging & discharge and draught fan brake.
The system uses a vertical structure, the panel using standard patch board, experiment module is fully exposed, a strong presence, can quickly make learners into the learning roles, complete closed-loop control mode allows users to operate more humane.
Wind power generation training system that allows students to disassemble and assemble, move, easy to use, no noise, no pollution.
Off-grid inverter module boot the front end of an 8-bit MCU driving control, front and rear axles output mosfet imported to make more stable performance. We can provide a stable learning process 220V pure sine wave AC power.

Equipment Parameter
Dimension:Wind power unit
Training cabinet 3200×650×2000mm  

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Wind Power Generator Training System

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