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A test tube brush or spout brush is a brush used for cleaning test tubes and narrow mouth laboratory glassware, such as graduated cylinders, burettes, and Erlenmeyer flasks. Laboratory Brushes Manufacturers, Laboratory Brushes Exporters in China, Laboratory Brushes Suppliers, Laboratory Brushes Manufacturers in China, Laboratory Brushes Suppliers in China

Beaker Brush

Product Code : EL-LB-10573

Hard nylon bristles on twisted G.I. wire.

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Bottle Brush

Product Code : EL-LB-10574

Hard nylon bristles, mounted on twisted G.I. wire.

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Burette Brush

Product Code : EL-LB-10575

Hard nylon bristles.

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Flask Brush

Product Code : EL-LB-10576

Hard nylon bristles.

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Test Tube Brush

Product Code : EL-LB-10577

Hard nylon bristles.

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