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Glass Condenser Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter in India

Lab Glassware vapors rise inside our Glass Condensers, economical cooling is mostly effected by using Tap water within the inner or outer jacket. Critical care is taken within the protection of all of the Glass Condenser elements to insure that no violation happens between the compressing material and also the cooling water. Also, all joints ar manufacturer to exacting tolerances to guard the integrity of your system - even once utilizing a vacuum with our condensers. Glass Condensers Manufacturer, Glass Condenser Suppliers, Glass Condensers in India, Glass Condensers Exporters, Lab Glass Condensers, Glass Condensers Manufacturer in India, Lab Glass Condenser Exporter in India, Laboratory Condenser Suppliers in India.

Condenser Coil

Product Code : JL-GC-10189

Comes with Glass connectors and with plastic screw thread connector

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Condenser Reflux

Product Code : JL-GC-10192

Coll style reflux condenser with tightly warpped coil providing maximum cooling

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Condenser Dimroth

Product Code : JL-GC-10194

The condenser comes with plastic screw thread connector

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Condenser Leibig

Product Code : JL-GC-10197

Drip Tip Low Expansion

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Reversible Type Condensers

Product Code : JL-GC-10204

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Double Coil Condenser

Product Code : JL-GC-10206

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Double Surface Condensers

Product Code : JL-GC-10208

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Jacketed Coil Condensers

Product Code : JL-GC-10210

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Condensers Friedrichs

Product Code : JL-GC-10213

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