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Glassware Adapter Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter in India

Lab Glassware Glass Adapters used in Science Laboratory are a part of chemical glassware equipped across the colleges world wide among other academic resources and equipment are Manufacturer and suppliers in Bulk provides by Lab Glassware renowned Glass Adapter Exporters. we have globally exonerated our name because the most wanted Glass Adapters and scientific laboratory glassware suppliers.Glassware Adapter Manufacturer, Glassware Adapter Suppliers, Glassware Adapter Exporters, Glassware Adapter in India, Laboratory Glassware Adapter, Glassware Adapter, Lab Glassware Adapter Manufacturer in India.

Adapter Splash Head

Product Code : JL-GA-10035

For use with rotary evaporators

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Adapter Multiple Two Neck Vertical

Product Code : JL-GA-10044

Comes with two necks One vertical and one at 45 degree

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Adapter Swan Neck

Product Code : JL-GA-10052

Comes with screw thread for a thermometer or to have a rubber house.

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Adapter Recovery Bend Sloping End

Product Code : JL-GA-10056

With Drip Tip

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Adapter Flushing

Product Code : JL-GA-10060

With 2mm T-bore PTFE stopcock

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Adapter Receiver and Multiple Connection

Product Code : JL-GA-10062

With Multiple connections and screw thread

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Adapters Cone Right Angle /Straight

Product Code : JL-GA-10063

With glass stopcock

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Adapters Splash Heads Straight

Product Code : JL-GA-10065

With Drip Tip Pear Shape

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Adapters Multiple 3 Neck

Product Code : JL-GA-10070

Comes with three similar necks

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Adapters Splash Heads Sloping

Product Code : JL-GA-10072

With Drip Tip Pear Shape

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Adapters Still Head Plain

Product Code : JL-GA-10073

With Drip Tip

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Adapters Stopcock Socket

Product Code : JL-GA-10076

Detachable plastic screw thread connectors allows hose etc.

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