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Human skeleton, the internal skeleton that serves as a framework for the body. This framework consists of many individual bones and cartilages. Human Anatomy Skeletons Manufacturers, Human Anatomy Skeletons Exporters in China, Human Anatomy Skeletons Suppliers, Human Anatomy Skeletons Manufacturers in China, Human Anatomy Skeletons Suppliers in China

Human Skeleton Model, Life Size

Product Code : EL-HAS-10398

Shows all the skeleton parts in high details.

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Mini Skeleton Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10399

Shows the anatomy of the human skeleton in high detail.

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Skeleton with Joints Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10400

Shows the anatomy of the human skeleton in great detail.

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Hand Bones Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10401

Hand Bones Model.

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Foot Bones Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10402

Life size skeleton of the human foot.

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Male Skeletal Pelvis Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10403

Life size.

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Knee Joint Skeleton Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10404

Mounted on base.

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Female Skeletal Pelvis Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10405

Life size skeleton of a female human pelvis.

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Elbow Joint Models

Product Code : EL-HAS-10406

Life-size model.

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Hip Joint Models

Product Code : EL-HAS-10407

Life-size model.

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Knee Joints Model Set

Product Code : EL-HAS-10408

Knee Joints Model Set.

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Shoulder Joint Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10409

Life size model.

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Skeleton of Lower Limb with Half Pelvis

Product Code : EL-HAS-10410

Life size plastic skeleton.

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Hyoid Bone Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10411

Life size model.

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Sacrum with Coccyx Model

Product Code : EL-HAS-10412

Life size model.

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