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Joulemeter Low Voltage

Product Code : SCL-EP-11311
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This version of the Joulemeter functions almost identically to the previous version but in addition the meter also keeps a log at the chosen sample rate when the total energy transferred is being measured; the data can then be loaded on to a PC using free mini-datalogger software. 
The Joulemeter simply requires an input supply and a load to be plugged in (e.g. a solar panel and a motor) and the meter will display the values of the power and the energy transferred. 
Scince Lab Supplies For simplicity, the instrument automatically adjusts the display to show suitable units and an appropriate number of decimal places, so that it can deal with a very wide range of values (e.g. for energy, from 100 nanojoules up to 1.75 megajoules).
The function button allows any of four settings to be selected for the required quantity to be measured (power; energy and time; average power; voltage, current and power).

• Log memory: 2500 samples
• Current range: ±7 A (current can flow in either direction)
• Log sample period: 1, 2, or 4 seconds
• Powered via USB or using the 5 V mains adaptor (included)
• Voltage range: ±25 V 

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