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The flakes inside the spheres align along the field lines when a magnetic field is present. 
Two types and sizes are available: laminated and non-laminated ‘raw’ film. 
The laminated film is ideal for student use as it is more durable and less easy to damage. 
This amazing flexible sheet ‘visualizes’ the direction of magnetic field lines. The sheet is coated with translucent microspheres (hollow capsules) containing very small magnetic nickel flakes suspended in an oil. 
The alignment of the flakes, and thereby the magnetic field direction, is visible because of reflected light from the flakes. 
Useful for quality control, product demonstration, reverse engineering, and educational purposes.
A good example is to wrap it around a copper tube to ‘view’ the progress of a neodymium magnet as it slowly descends through the tube.
The non-laminated film is great for demonstration purposes as it can be cut to any size or shape as required, is highly flexible and can easily be wrapped around objects. 
The film is also useful for viewing complex magnetic pole geometry close to the magnetic poles, although it does require fairly strong magnetic fields. 

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