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Magnetic Accelerator Kit

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Magnets are held in place part way along the tube (using the steel washers provided), with two steel spheres on the 'downhill' side. 
The magnets and steel spheres are contained within a clear plastic tube for safety reasons (neodymium magnets are brittle and can splinter, the spheres can be accelerated with some force). 
Magnetic Accelerator Kit is an example of a magnetic linear accelerator and uses powerful neodymium magnets to launch a steel sphere at high speed.
Another sphere is rolled slowly towards the magnets and as it gets closer the magnetic attraction causes the sphere to accelerate considerably, resulting in the sphere impacting with the magnets, transferring energy to the sphere at the opposite end of the magnets causing it to shoot off at high speed (similar to how Newton's cradle works). 
Even faster speeds can be achieved by using a series of magnets and spheres.
Kit includes 6 magnets and 5 steel spheres, washers and clear plastic tube with rubber end stopper to stop sphere. Instructions for use included.

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