Integrated wiring system is an important part of intelligent building communication automation system, is information access of building realize internal and external communication, is important segment of data, signal exchange and deal with. 
This device training include data network and voice network two parts, also contains the common subsystems of the integrated wiring in the building : working area subsystem, level wiring subsystem, etc.
The information commutation, exchange of the information (language information, data information, video information, etc) use units inside and outside of building, all need through the integrated wiring and computer network system to achieve. 
Suitable for construction electrical, intelligent building professional related training. 

The characteristics of the equipment:
Work-integrated learning mode, the product is from the real network cabinets, equipped with the domestic mainstream network products, has strong practicability.
Training content is flexible, strong expandability.
Based on the working process, highlight the job skills.
Cooperate with intelligent building models training table, can build special training room.
System configured the special tools and consumables, easy to maintain.
Supplemented by teaching software, interactive is strong.

Technical parameters:
The platform configuration:
including switches, broadband routers, multimode optical fiber transceiver, 24 distribution frame, etc., in addition to being able to finish the experiment teaching tasks, in addition is also equipped with other parts, accessories, software and connection cable, tools, etc. To ensure the normal work and daily maintenance.
The input power: single-phase 220 v AC power, the machine capacity ≤0.5kVA.
Standard table on three sides baffle can be dismantled and consists of wheel, easy to use.
The environment temperature:-20 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
Security protection: with the leakage automatic protection device
Device capacity: < 1 kvA
Appearance size: 1668 mm x 805 mm x 1484 mm

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Integrated Cabling Training Set

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