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Counting may be set to run repeatedly and the last, complete result is displayed in the main Scince Lab Supplies display while new counts accumulate in the auxiliary display. 
The counter accepts both BNC and Jack type GM tubes. 
This GM counter is the most versatile and easily operated model yet. 
The counting time can be set to 1, 10, 60 or 100 seconds or set to manual start/stop. 
With the optional USB connection it can interface with a computer and if a pulse output for further hardware processing is required, that is also available.
Scince Lab Supplies other improvements over the previous model include a lower overall system dead time and lower current consumption, with the unit now being powered by AA batteries. 
The counter may also be powered from the optional mains adapter.
For demonstration purposes the authentic clicking Geiger-counter sound may be turned on if preferred. 

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